“This letter is a reference in the highest order for The Law Office of Dorothy Tischler.

I have been working in the mortgage industry for eight years and have rarely worked with such professionals as the ones in her office... They have been attentive, flexible and knowledgeable in the fields of title, law and bank settlement.

Anytime that an issue has arose, as they often do in this industry, they have exuded the team attitude that is sorely missing from every title agent/closing attorney in the area.

The fees that the client is charged are reasonable and invaluable to the client and their best interest.”

- Nicholas A.
  Loan Officer
  Key Bank

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Purchases, Lease Agreements

Troy, NY door to commercial building

Commercial acquisitions and sales is a complex area of the law. Whether you are an experienced investor, or new to real estate investments, we will ensure the process goes smoothly.

Please contact our law firm for any commercial real estate transaction need such as:

Real Estate Law - An Overview

Real estate law includes both federal and state issues, with the state-level rules varying widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. These state and federal laws encompass everything from ownership of land and buildings to related issues such as financing, leasing, construction, taxes, and environmental laws. A competent and experienced real estate law practice, like Dorothy Tischler's, protects your interests in both routine and complex transactions and disputes.

Real Estate Law - What are deeds for?

Deeds indicate, and are generally required to transfer, ownership of real estate. A deed contains the names of the old and new owners and a legal description of the property and is signed by the person transferring the property. There are different kinds of deeds, such as the warranty deed, bargain and sale deed, executor's deed, trustee's deed, and quit claim deed, that are used depending on the situation. For example, a seller conveying property by a general warranty deed assures good and marketable title to the buyer and requires the seller to defend the title to the property from all persons. In contrast, a seller conveying property by a quit claim deed conveys only what title the seller may have to the property, with no warranty as to ownership.

Successful Results and Satisfied Clients

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The timely, cost-effective resolution of complex real estate matters calls for an attorney who has exemplary legal skills and is experienced in effectively negotiating solutions that are both legally sound and resistant to future litigation. To find out how our firm can work with you to address your immediate needs, contact us to schedule a consultation and case evaluation. Commercial real estate transactions generally require longer lead times than residential transactions.