“Dorothy is hands down the best Real Estate Attorney in the area. Her attention to details ensures that every client is properly protected throughout their transaction. It is clear that she truly cares about her clients.”

Joseph Messia,
Messia Culihan Group
Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

Dorothy R. Tischler, Esq. and Gustaf Gillberg, Esq. know that all real estate clients share a common goal, to close the deal.

Dorothy Tischler, Esq.

With 24 years of experience, Attorney Tischler views herself as not only a lawyer with technical experience, but also as a facilitator of her client's objectives. She strives to find the most direct and efficient way to bring the transaction to a resolution. What she brings to the table is an ability to identify pitfalls and problems as early as possible and knowledge of how to structure transactions that will meet her client's needs.

Attorneys Tischler and Gillberg emphasize that it is important to have a personal relationship with an attorney who can represent you with any financial institution. They are approved closing attorneys for a variety of mortgage lenders. They understand the anxiety attendant to such a big moment, and will work closely with you every step of the way.

Attorneys Tischler and Gillberg comprehend the process completely and will guide you through the transaction with their personalized hands-on attention to every detail.

I have always admired beautiful doors.  To me, doors represent much more than simply the way to get inside a home.  They are a portal from the outside world to everything that “home” represents to each of us.  It is the gateway to our family members and family life; to the security and serenity of our private lives, where we “let our hair down” and “put our feet up”.  When we traverse the entrance we feel love and acceptance; it is the place where our celebrations and our sorrows are uppermost on our minds; the place where we leave work behind, a place where friends can gather for relaxation, and where our dogs wag their tails in greeting and our families reach out with hugs and kisses.

That is the reason for the photos of doors in my website.  They are the portal to everything important.
Dorothy Tischler, Esq.