“This letter is a reference in the highest order for The Law Office of Dorothy Tischler.

I have been working in the mortgage industry for eight years and have rarely worked with such professionals as the ones in her office... They have been attentive, flexible and knowledgeable in the fields of title, law and bank settlement.

Anytime that an issue has arose, as they often do in this industry, they have exuded the team attitude that is sorely missing from every title agent/closing attorney in the area.

The fees that the client is charged are reasonable and invaluable to the client and their best interest.”

- Nicholas A.
  Loan Officer
  Key Bank

Privacy Policy

At Tischler Gillberg, LLC, we recognize and value your privacy. We are committed to protecting your personal information and maintaining absolute confidentiality. This policy defines the ways in which we work to safeguard your valued information.

Why We Ask for Your Information and How We Collect It:

Nonpublic information is often required in order for us to be able to best represent our clients and employ our staff. The information we collect is used to identify you and is always obtained in lawful ways and never in an intrusive way. We try our best to get the majority of our information directly from you. However, sometimes we seek information from other sources such as your employer, real estate agent, insurance company or loan officer.

Consent and Use of Your Information:

Typically, we ask for your consent in the form of a written authorization. However, there are times in which your verbal consent will be satisfactory. Any and all information collected will be used to best provide you with legal advice and services. Our only goal in obtaining such information is to benefit our clients. We do not share any information collected with outside companies or parties.

Disclosure of Personal Information:

There are circumstances in which we may disclose your personal information such as:

Security of Your Information and How You May Access it:

We do all we can to protect your information and ensure that it is kept private and safe from any and all unauthorized access or confiscation. We use security software and firewalls in order to prevent any hackers or unauthorized users from accessing your information. Of course, you are able to access the information we obtain from you simply by asking. We are able to provide you with a summary of information we have collected. If you require or request a more detailed list of information that may involve a more extensive look into things such as archival data or materials, we may require additional professional fees.

File Destruction Policy:

We maintain files for a minimum of seven years following the conclusion of each transaction. In some cases, we may hold on to information for a longer period of time in order to protect both your interests and our own. We never destroy files or information until we have confirmed approval from the appropriate attorney.

Denial of Personal Information:

There are circumstances in which we many deny your request for information. Such circumstances include:

If at any time you are denied such information, we will offer an explanation.

Providing Your Information:

Please note that e-mail is not the most secure way of sending us your personal and private information. Be aware of this before sending us any information about yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask prior to sending personal details through email.

Employee Information and Files:

If you apply to work at Tischler Gillberg, LLC, we do our best to collect information from you as a way to learn about you prior to making a final hiring decision. If you accept a position with us, we will follow our standard rules and procedures for collecting information. Any and all employee files which hold private information are kept confidential and secure by our Office Manager. Access to such information is restricted only accessible by supervisors or managers within our firm. The only time an outside manager or supervisor may have access to such information is if they are looking to hire a former Tischler Gillberg employee. In such circumstances, information released by our firm will be limited and in accordance with existing antidiscrimination laws. If there are changes to an employee’s information, it is up to the employee to inform the Office Manager in order to make changes and updates to personnel files.

How to Request Information:

Contact our Office Manager at 518-250-4444